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5 Best Fireplace Design Ideas From The Experts

5 Best Fireplace Design Ideas From The Experts

The best fireplace design ideas can definitely maximize your efforts in making any room beautiful.


Before your purchase that indoor or outdoor fireplace, you need to consider the walls, flooring, room dimensions and other pieces to ensure that their mix puts out the best effect.

We’ve compiled 5 best fireplace design ideas from top websites to help you match your dream fireplace to your home. Check them out below:

Housebeautiful Contemporary and Modern Design Ideas

Housebeautiful features over 20 great fireplace design ideas in this gallery post. Truly, the hearth is your focal point when you think of decorating your room, and we can’t emphasize it enough. Each design takes into consideration that the fireplace, along with the room, should be a captivating piece of art.

For instance, renowned designer Paige Schnell created a formal Alabama living room theme with standard white wall and mantle. In this design, you can either install a wall mounted fireplace or fireplace insert with a matching surround. The room is contemplated with traditional sofas and antique French daybeds that face each other in the center. It has a superb balanced and formal effect that is more interesting than the individual pieces.  

Houselogic Designs for Direct-Vent Gas and Bioethanol Fireplaces

Houselogic says that there’s nothing better than gazing into a heartwarming fire, and we totally agree. Check out this design gallery on how you can do a makeover on your hearth and make your traditional fireplace into a conversation piece.

Take a look at picture #5 for instance. You can easily turn your ordinary bathroom into a dazzling living space with a glass paneled direct-vent gas or bioethanol fireplace. Not only will it create ambiance from every angle, but it serves as a heartwarming partition. You can imagine how a fireplace can dramatically add some spicy and romantic mood!

Doityourself Tips For Contemporary Fireplace Designs

Here are some excellent tips for improving the aesthetics of your living room with the best fireplace design ideas. If you are looking to improving these corners in your home, Doityourself recommends using stainless steel or glass panel fireplaces. These designs are fashionably exotic additions that can easily blend with most surroundings.

In addition, you can also create that contemporary look with peninsula, bay or Kiva fireplaces. Their designs can be both traditional and modern, depending on the fireplace model’s attributes. Regardless of slight differences in their attributes, these types of fireplace design ideas create a visually engaging accent.

Myparadissi Minimalist Fireplace Design Ideas

Here’s a unique approach to your fireplace design: a creative contradiction by introducing your traditional fire with sleek minimalist design. Myparadissi showcases some electric and bioethanol fireplaces that do not have ornate designs, but with stunning simplicity.

Incorporating this approach is a new and exciting endeavor. Try stripping off the unnecessary stuff and make the wall mounted fireplace or a free-standing fireplace stand out. As simple as it seems, the mix of your pieces along with your room complements the fireplace design and highlights its details. And this makes the big difference.

Apartment Therapy Cozy Modern Minimalist Fireplaces

Finally, here’s another set of minimalist fireplace design ideas from Apartment Therapy. Have a look at picture #9. The room is almost bare without stuffy sofas, but this effect puts the focus on your recessed fireplace and makes it an eye-catching centerpiece. This modern approach works whether you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

Even if you’re not into wood-burning fireplaces, don’t worry. Gas or bioethanol fireplaces look very good and even create an equally unique minimalist effect. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with ash cleanup, wood chopping and storage and the painstaking task of putting more logs to keep the fire burning.

Along with the best fireplace design ideas, feel free to browse our line of wall mounted and free-standing fireplaces.

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