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5 Electric Fireplaces You Will Love

5 Electric Fireplaces You Will Love

We’ve picked 5 electric fireplaces you will love!

An electric fireplace is definitely an attractive furniture element for your home or office, and goes really well with TV stands or media console. Whether they are round or flat wall fireplaces, they produce an outstanding simulated fire appearance. Along with your home entertainment system, electric fireplaces can certainly create an exceptional feel to your living space.

While features vary from one wall mount fireplace décor to another, each unique design and set of features of an electric fireplace will surely fit your taste and needs. Have a look at these 5 electric fireplaces (here's the full selection) and find the one that you want to cozy up with.

Amantii 3 Sided View 50 Inch Electric Contemporary Fireplace

Amantii 3 sided view 50 inch Electric Fireplace 50-TRU-VIEW-XLThis state-of-the-art fireplace combines great design and function! It adds accent to beautiful furniture design and creates a transition to a modern interior. It can be used with the heat on or off, so you can still enjoy its flames even in the hot season. The faux fire effect adds a warm, soothing atmosphere that you will never get tired of. The sleek lines and gorgeous details are enhanced with its incredible 3 sided glass viewing area.

Apart from its unique glass panel, this 50-inch fireplace insert features two flame sets, ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors and three color LED light strips that allow a multicolor flame presentation. With just a click of the remote control, you can easily change the flames’ colors from blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange. It’s truly fantastic!

Touchstone Edgeline 28 Inch LED Electric Firebox Fireplace Insert

Edgeline - Touchstone's 28 LED Electric Firebox Fireplace Insert (80016)For our second choice of electric fireplaces you will love, here is the Edgeline 28-inch. This is among the best contemporary-style electric fireplaces that can fit easily to any home, office, school dorm, condominium or cabin in the woods. The front panel truly adds a stylistic look that gives you a panoramic view of brightly-lit flames.


Similar to other Touchstone flat wall fireplaces, the Touchstone Edgeline 28 inch is designed to replace your current wood or gas fixture fireplace insert. Its features a front panel timer, heating element and flame controls. Most of all, the Edgeline produces realistic flames and can heat a room of 400 square feet.

Amantii 18-Inch Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace

Amantii 18 Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace WM-BI-2428-VLR-BGThis elegant 18-inch electric fireplace is a stunning wall mount fireplace that adds a touch of class to your home or apartment. With its relatively smaller dimensions, it can perfectly fit corners and create an ambiance to your indoor design. In addition to wall-mounting in a corner, you can also install it recessed as a built-in.

The design possibilities are endless with the Amantii 18-inch Zero Clearance electric contemporary fireplace, and you can enjoy the flames with or without heat. The unit features two surrounds - straight or curved edges. You can also enjoy LED ember lights in log set in a clean, black glass surround. Don’t take its small size for granted! The Amantii 18-inch is also capable of heating a room of up to 400 sq. ft.

Onyx XL Touchstone 72" Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Black

Onyx XL Touchstone 72 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Black (80005)The Onyx XL 72 inch fireplace insert is one of Touchstone’s best sellers. That extra wide dimension enhances even the most ordinary walls, and its faux flames go well if you have an entertainment center along with your mantel.  Its standard black color matches any décor and is an excellent auxiliary heat source for those winter nights.


The gorgeous unit now comes with a log set and crystal media, giving the user the opportunity to switch back and forth between styles depending on mood and decor. For a contemporary feel, you can even remove the log set and install the crystal media.

Amantii 26” Electric Fireplace Insert

Amantii 26 Electric Fireplace Insert INSERT-26-3825-BGFinally, take a look at this 26 inch fireplace insert by Amantii. As one of the electric fireplaces you will love, it adds sophistication to your furniture designs. The standard, exquisite black surround can fit single-color walls, and its faux flames become a centerpiece for your family and friends to enjoy.


Designed as an enticing alternative for wood or gas inserts, the Amantii 26 inch wall mounted fireplace features a state-of-the-art flameset, and you can change the flame’s colors from radiant amber to a soothing bluish-purple glow. This unit features the latest LED light technology, and you can enjoy the dancing flames with or without heat!

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