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5 Shop Ideas For Electric Fireplace Inserts


Looking for electric fireplace inserts ideas?

Here are the 5 top-selling models that we’ve recently compiled. Note that the following electric fireplaces vary in widths and if you prefer a bigger or a smaller size of your fireplace, we recommend to shop by the width of a fireplace to find the ideal model that will fit your room’s interior.

Onyx Touchstone 50" Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace (80001)Touchstone Onyx 50" Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

Here’s an electric fireplace that truly inspires a contemporary home design. The Touchstone Onyx 50-inch wall mounted electric fireplace has a beautiful black surround that makes perfect sense with this interior. Look at how it stands against that plain tan wall. It also makes the wall distinct from the adjacent window. Any light-colored set of chairs can easily fit in to complete this room.

The Onyx 50 inch is one of Touchstone’s best-selling electric fireplaces. It features unmatched life-like flames based on a pile of faux logs. It has 2 heat settings that can heat any room up to 400 square feet.

Touchstone 134" Wall-Length Electric Fireplace Emblazon (80105)Touchstone Emblazon 134" Wall-Length Electric Fireplace

Here’s an example of a trendy living room design with a large fireplace.  The Touchstone Emblazon 134-inch electric fireplace and the wood flooring add a fiery feel to that white wall. Unlike a 60 inch electric fireplace, the length of the 134 inch makes any ordinary room certainly captivating! The Emblazon series is a top seller among Touchstone products.

Wall length electric fireplaces will bring excitement for any home design. It’s clean and convenient because you don’t need an extra storage place for firewood. The Emblazon 134 in wall mount fireplace uses LED lights that produce real-looking flames. It’s truly energy-efficient and easy to use.

Amantii 26" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace WM-FM26-3623-BGAmantii 26" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Here’s a compact choice for our shop ideas for electric fireplace inserts. A wood-burning fireplace won’t match that graystone wall, so you consider an electric wall mounted unit. The Amantii 26-inch wall mount insert is a perfect fit for this design. Along with its modern black surround, you can sit back and enjoy the ambiance of life-like flames without the ashes.

Like any Amantii fireplace, this 26 inch electric fireplace can be a built-in flush or wall-mounted. It features a LED ember lights log set, and you can change the flame’s colors from an amber glow to a soothing purple with a touch of a remote.

Touchstone 40" Recessed Electric Fireplace The Forte (80006)Touchstone Forte 40" Recessed Electric Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces actually do little to heat a room. In fact, they typically pull warm air from inside the home and send it right up to the chimney. An electric fireplace like the Touchstone Forte 40-inch makes a beautiful transitional concept without the harmful smoke! The sleek, black surround can match white or beige walls with medium tone floors.

The Forte features a large 14-inch high flame display and distinctive contrasting white stone base. Customers also claim that its flames are more intense than other brands. The flames are produced by energy-efficient LED bulbs. With 5 flame settings, you can easily switch from a soft ember to a full raging fire.

Amantii 26" Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace ZECL-26-2923-FLUSHMT-BGAmantii 26" Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace Flush

See how the Amantii 26-inch flush mount electric fireplace brings visual warmth this ornate living room. Its modern black design and the flickering ember add color to the graystone walls and marble slabs. It truly complements the room’s monochrome concept.

The Amantii 26 in flush mount fireplace features the latest LED light technology that produces a wide range of colors. Heat is vented from the face of the surround, and this can heat a room of up to 400 sq. ft. This flush mount model is both elegant and energy-saving!

See our complete line for more shop ideas for electric fireplace inserts. You don’t have to worry about the builtin fireplace cost. We have a lot to offer at low prices!

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