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Amantii Electric Fireplace Slim vs Deep Models

Amantii Electric Fireplace Slim vs Deep Models

There are certain similarities and differences between Amantii electric fireplace slim vs deep models.


Knowing the features of a slim model and deep model is very important because you want to ensure that the features will match your preferences for your room. Customers have a lot of questions between slim and deep models, and this article intends to answer these questions.

Cost Differences

Generally, deep model wall mounted fireplaces cost more, mainly because of their bigger dimensions. Take a look at Amantii 40" Electric Fireplace Indoor or Outdoor Built-in BI-40-DEEP and Amantii 40″ Slim Indoor or Outdoor Electric Fireplace BI-40-SLIM. The deep model has a depth of 12 inches while the slim model has a depth of 6 ¾ inches.

Similarities in Features and Performance

There are similarities in the features and performance of slim vs deep models. You get the blue and orange flame combo for both models, as well as the glass ember beds. If you look at both the Amantii 50-inch deep electric fireplace and the Amantii 50-inch slim electric fireplace, both have the same flame combos and glass ember beds on the same width. With this, you can do the same frame colors with both models.

Aesthetic Value Between Flame Patterns

This is the key difference when it comes to Amantii slim vs deep models. For example, even if the Amantii 60-in deep wall mount fireplace and Amantii 60-in slim wall mounted fireplace have the same widths, you can see different flame patterns between them.

By looking at the deep model, you can see a much brighter flame pattern. As the deep model has greater depth, there are more flame rods in its LED system. As a result, the flame patterns almost come to the top of the window with a more subdued ember bed.

In contrast, you get a darker background with a slim model with fewer flame patterns. Because of its slim depth, the LED lights are more concentrated on a smaller area, producing a more subdued flame pattern. However, this smaller area results in a brighter ember bed, which produces a unique aesthetic appeal.

Slim or Deep?

If you want a brighter and better flame pattern, the deep electric fireplace is recommended. But if you want a much nicer, brightly glowing ember bed, it’s better to get a slim electric fireplace. In addition, slim models are a more logical choice if you have a smaller depth to install your recessed or wall mounted fireplace.

Regardless of the differences of slim vs deep models, both are great options for your homes and sell well with most fireplace customers. We have a wide selection of Amantii electric fireplaces: check out the majestic 88-inch and see how it even fits as an outdoor fireplace!

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