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An Efficient Electric Wall Fireplace Provides Zone Heating

An Efficient Electric Wall Fireplace Provides Zone Heating

An efficient electric wall fireplace provides zone heating that saves energy

A smart heating guide will safely supplant heat to your home and provide a definite solution to a cold room. Zone heating (a supplemental heat in any specific room) is important, because homeowners can keep their central heat thermostat at a lower setting for the other parts of the house.

A contemporary electric fireplace can be a wise choice if you want to save energy. An electric fireplace is an energy-saving and environment-friendly choice with just the right amount of heat to keep you warm.

Zone Heating Can Save You Money

Zone heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home at a lower cost. Even with a 40 inch electric fireplace, you can heat only the rooms you use most. To save more energy, you can close the doors of the rooms that are less used.

Because an efficient electric wall fireplace can provide zone heating, you can now turn down the main heating. Heat produced by electric fireplaces cost about 12 cents per hour, which is much cheaper than gas or wood fireplaces. As far as natural gas fireplaces, they are not available for everyone. It will be based on your location, plus it is much more expensive.

Here are two tips to maximise your zone heating:

  • Close off the bedrooms and other rooms that are seldom used during the day. Bedrooms don’t need that amount of heat anyway to help you get better sleep. And if you feel cold, you can always tuck yourself under the blankets.
  • Close off the kitchen when you are cooking or baking. Why? Because heat is already there.

Despite the lower energy cost, the heat from electric wall mounted fireplaces would still provide the same comfort. Zone heating can cut your energy bill by 20-40%. Unlike electric fireplaces, a central furnace constantly produces heat and eats up fuel just to keep the same temperature.

Infrared Heaters in Electric Fireplaces

Infrared heaters in an efficient electric wall fireplace are your allies in saving energy. Infrared quartz technology creates instant heat with a touch of a button, and these units can heat an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft.

This technology is safe to use, energy-efficient and maintains a constant temperature. Infrared heaters with electric fireplaces produce realistic flames while providing ample heat in a room. Better choose a unit with infrared features, and you can use this along with your zone heating.

Choose An Efficient Electric Wall Fireplace

Aside from being energy-efficient, electric fireplaces are beautiful, trendy and stylish. Take a look at this 60 in fireplace. Each meter-long section provides 5110 BTUs and can heat up to 400 square feet. Although it doesn’t produce real fire, its LED-generated flames provide warmth to this large living room. Plus, it is beautiful. Imagine the ambience that its design will add to your living room.

There are countless options for your efficient electric wall fireplace. See our line of electric fireplaces and get the one that fits your home design.

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