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Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces by DecorPro

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces by DecorPro

If you’re looking for unique outdoor ethanol heating, you may be interested in these new models by DecorPro

Decorpro is a new company to North American market that makes unique and beautiful, eco-friendly fire products for the home and garden. Their line of top-quality outdoor ethanol fireplaces, fire burners and fire pits are made only in Canada, and features some of the world’s most beautiful designs. Each bio ethanol fire product also comes with unique features that have many uses in both indoor and outdoor settings.

DecoPro products run on eco-friendly bio ethanol fuel. This energy source can be renewed and is derived from fermented plant sugars. It’s the perfect substitute for wood, gas and other types of fossil fuels that add to global warming.

DecorPro features a wide range of fire products that differ in dimensions, heat output, and designs. Take a look at the DecorPro Aspen Indoor / Outdoor Fire burner. Compared to other products, this bio ethanol freestanding fireplace is smaller and can fit perfectly in small indoor and outdoor spaces. Its design matches the pattern of plant leaves and flowers that are shaped on its powder-coated, solid steel base.

Now take a look at the DecorPro Folia Large Outdoor Fire Pit. While it is made of pretty much the same components, you can see that this is a huge fire product that will truly stand out in a backyard or patio setting. It’s like a big flower that produces a majestic, orange ember in the middle.

And the design is not just for aesthetics. There are precise slots in each petal-shaped fold of this flower fire pit, and the custom slits were made to also fit a rotating skewer. You won’t have that experience with a regular campfire.

Decorpro’s outdoor ethanol fireplaces, fire burners and fire pits are sold throughout the US, Canada and Europe. For more info on the brand’s many designs and features, you can check out their collection.

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