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Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces: A Clean And Green Alternative

Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces: A Clean And Green Alternative

bio-ethanol fireplacesBio-ethanol fireplaces are the clean green alternative for your home

There are a lot of cons with a traditional log or gas burning fireplace. There’s the chimney, a thing that takes up space in your room and requires routine cleaning and maintenance. And if you’re not the DIY type, cleaning and maintenance takes a lot of time and effort, and having maintenance to do it for you is just costly.

Plus, you and your family are exposed to toxic fumes. Think about the long-term effects of inhaling pollutants and ash to your health. Speaking of ash, you also need painstaking time and effort to clean and dispose of it.

And it’s hard to chop wood. And it’s not always easy to start a fire.

It’s a good thing that a lot of bio-ethanol fireplaces are now available for us to enjoy the warmth of a fire in a clean, environment-friendly way.

What Is Bio-Ethanol?

Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy from the fermentation of sugars. These sugars are derived from plants like corn, wheat and sugar cane. Fermentation is a natural process involving enzyme digestion of microorganisms that release sugars from stored starches.  

Unlike energy derived from fossil fuels, bio-ethanol is clean and made of biological products. As a result, the combustion of this type of energy emits clean air. You’ll enjoy the same heat without the toxic fumes!

No More Chimneys

You won’t need a chimney when you use a bio-ethanol fireplace. With clean air, you can readily install it anywhere in your home, office, apartment, balcony and patio. Wall mounted bio-ethanol fireplaces like Bio-Blaze are easy to install.

Environment-Friendly, Energy-Efficient

It is environment-friendly because there are no harmful emissions or soot. Plus, it is energy efficient, as the heat generated by bio-ethanol combustion stays in the room. There’s no need to put more wood to keep the fire burning!

Depending on the size of your room and the fireplace’s heating capacity, a bio-ethanol fireplace can provide about 2 to 5.6 KW of heat (6828 to 19120 BTU).

It’s Easy and Safe To Use

Bio-ethanol fireplaces have flue-less burners that can be lit with a long lighter or match. Just make sure that the fuel does not spill and overflow, otherwise you need to wait for the spilled bio-ethanol to evaporate before lighting.

Unlike firewood, you can easily turn off the fire even before the fuel runs out. Some bio-ethanol fireplaces come with an extinguishing tool to shut off the burner.

To make sure that you operate your bio-ethanol fireplace safely and efficiently, take time to read the instruction manual. Also, make sure that your bio-ethanol fireplace is made from premium materials and passed industry standards.

It’s A Beautiful Addition To Your Home!

We offer a wide range of bio-ethanol fireplaces, and each comes with a unique, beautiful design that will surely liven up your room. There are even fireplaces that you can put on your coffee table! Bio-ethanol fireplaces not only bring warm, clean cozy fire – they are decorative additions to your living space!

Make the clean and green alternative. Check out our bio-ethanol fireplaces and see that you have a lot of designs to choose from.

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