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Design Ideas With Fireplaces

Design Ideas With Fireplaces

Design ideas with fireplaces help a lot in making any living space stand out

It’s truly an exciting endeavor to make your home beautiful, and there are many designer fireplaces to choose from that can add that accent to a living room, home theater or patio. But before you decide on design ideas with fireplaces, it is important to learn about the different types of fireplaces to help you choose the best option.

Here are some design ideas including fireplaces for you:


Placing Your Fireplace Under The TV

design ideas with fireplacesMounting interior design fireplaces under the TV can double your viewing pleasure. With the advent of lightweight, streamlined flat screen TVs, a wall mounted fireplace can easily be placed and it will complement a room’s visual centerpiece. Both the TV and fireplace frees up valuable floor space, and allows you to arrange furniture more easily. Now both channel-surfers and fire watchers can enjoy the room at the same time.

If you plan on placing both your TV and fireplace on the same wall, make sure that the place doesn’t exceed temperatures that are indicated on the product specifications. Too much heat might affect the TV’s lifespan and mishandling will void warranties. Also consider the viewing height of your TV when you have the fireplace installed.  

Exterior Design Fireplaces

design ideas with fireplacesExterior design fireplaces give your outdoor living area a dramatic focal point.

Take a look at how this wall mount fireplace complements the semi-outdoor jacuzzi area. The fireplace modern finish adds textural interest to this outdoor gathering space, and its smooth surround expertly contrasts the stone columns and glass windows, as well as the stone and wood flooring.

Apart from having hot tubs, seating arrangement in the center of an outdoor area looks anchored with an eye-catching fireplace. Choose the right design and color of your outdoor fireplace so that its hues will echo the area’s siding and flooring. You can also add some side art or decorative pieces to ensure your fireplace takes center stage.

Table Top Design Ideas

design ideas with fireplacesTable top fireplaces are a perfect addition to any room. These beautiful heaters add just the right amount of warmth and an aura of ambiance. Most of these table top fireplaces are not pricey and energy efficient. They can even help you save you from heating costs of your home.

A table top fireplace like this pipe model is usually fueled by clean bio-ethanol, so it doesn’t produce any harmful fumes. They are safe to use and adds a personal touch, whether placed on your counter, coffee table or desk. It makes and interesting adornment to your sofa tables.


Free Standing Fireplaces

design ideas with fireplacesFree standing fireplaces add excitement and character to any indoor or outdoor area without compromising its structure. This fireplace will keep you warm on cold and snowy nights, and it brings a romantic feel and focal point to your room. Apart from its function, these sculptural pieces are truly iconic pieces of art.

Freedom comes with these freestanding fireplaces, as you can move these contemporary, stylish pieces of portable fire furniture from room to room. From your interior, simply relocate them to your poolside or patio garden during parties and outdoor gatherings. These are also usually fueled by bio-ethanol, so you don't need to flue out any harmful fumes or attach it to costly ventilation systems.

There are many ways to bring the best of your home with fireplaces. It’s best to browse through design ideas with fireplaces so that you will know which design, surround and finishing material will suit your room. Have a look at our designer fireplaces for creative ideas for your home.

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