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Fireplace Living Room Ideas - Electric Fireplaces Steal the Show

Fireplace Living Room Ideas - Electric Fireplaces Steal the Show

Looking for some good fireplace living room ideas?

We’ve gathered the latest electric fireplace designs to get you started on having some ideas for dressing up your living room. Electric fireplaces come in different forms and features. And the best thing about them is that you can use them even if it’s not cold! You can simply turn off the heater and leave the flames flickering as you gather around it.

Take a look at these awesome electric fireplace living room ideas:

Made by Mood features an electric fireplace with Robinson veneer brick backsplash. They also used reclaimed wood for the mantel. Reclaimed natural wood is a great way to modify your mantel, and it can even go well with the modern look of these type of bricks.


Here’s another one from Made by Mood’s feature fireplace ideas. See how the combination of an electric fireplace and limestone bricks make the room look uncluttered and clean? The excellent mix of colors gives extra delight to this corner of your home. The wood flooring is a wonderful addition as well.


Dwelling Gawker has a brilliant way of placing their built-in fireplace along with a clean white background. It definitely looks and feels clean. The bi-fold doors that hide the TV are a great idea. At a glance, you would think that it’s just an ordinary wall portion that separates the shelves.   


Homedit puts this electric fireplace beautifully on a beige tile background. Notice how uniform the colors are with the ceiling, flooring and furniture. The vertical-framed paintings also make the wall look taller. This also makes the distance between the ceiling and floor look higher.


Here’s a great option for fireplace modern ideas. Choose a dark material or paint color to clad the fireplace. An installed flat screen television would look superb in the space above. The TV recedes into the space behind it.  This can be awesome for night-time viewing as it creates more of a theater experience.


You can do a lot of wonderful things with a 2-sided electric fireplace insert. Two-sided units are making a lot of buzz today, as it serves as an elegant divider. Here you can enjoy watching the flames from the couch on one side or from a chair on the window area.


This slatted fireplace surround and mantel design is truly unique. It’s inspired by restaurants and commercial spaces in Atlanta, and a concrete slab was used for the hearth. A down lighting under the mantel puts a great touch on the TV.


Finally, here’s an urban fireplace design that is complemented by wood elements. The layout has a modern touch with some traditional pieces.

There are countless electric fireplace in living room ideas, and there’s one that will definitely fit your style. For more options on which hearth will be the perfect match for yours, simply shop our Electric Fireplaces Collection.

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