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Electric Multi-Colored Flames - A Dozen Dancing Shades

Electric Multi-Colored Flames - A Dozen Dancing Shades

A Dozen Colored Flames That Dance and Delight!

Modern Flames has just released its brand new Spectrum Series electric fireplace. This color changing electric wall mount now has 12 different flame color combos to choose from. As a licensed dealer of Modern Flames, we are thrilled about this. The company has clearly taken a huge step in upgrading the electric fireplace experience.

If you’ll look at the brochures of the Modern Flames Spectrum Series Built-In Flush Mount Electric wall mount, you’ll see that it can produce 12 different, life-like flames.  The colors range from blue, cyan, emerald, gold, green, ice blue, magenta, orange, purple, red, white and mixed multi-color. The flames are produced with low-energy LED flame technology. As the flames are projected from a gray back screen, the colors shimmer through the ember bed. Thus it creates a wide range of flames through the whole color spectrum.

Brands may vary with how this works, but the best modern fireplaces produce flames with a common system. An AC/DC fireplace uses a rotating reflective surface, a source of light and a projection surface. It’s the projection surface that mimics the movement of fire.

But unlike other AC/DC fireplace brands, the Spectrum Series multicolor flame electric wall mount and insert has more colors, and you can simply use its remote control to adjust its settings. You can adjust the shades of a particular color and choose the one that’ll you prefer.

A color changing electric fireplace creates a beautiful, unique focal point to any living space. Having a wide range of flame colors allows you to complement any décor, mood, or occasion. Most AC/DC wall mounts and inserts already come with bracket and stands, so they can be mounted safely to about any wall or corner. 

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Each brand has a different set of features and functionalities. You can also learn more about the Modern Flames Spectrum Series by using the "Modern Flames" brand filter. 

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