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Fireplace Designs for Restaurants and Bars

Fireplace Designs for Restaurants and Bars

For restaurants and bars, a fireplace can make the difference between "OK" and "Five-Star."

This double sided fireplace at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at Hotel Bel-Air adds a classy touch to the restaurant background design. Whether it’s electric or bioethanol fireplace, the flames will glow perfectly with that white marble surround.

This is a restaurant called Food & Forest, and was designed by Ukraine-based YOD Design Lab. The flames from that linear fireplace will truly make those dinners extra romantic! It’s something to be marveled upon, and this fireplace makes it easier to start a conversation.

This is Twenty Five Lusk, a warm, trendy lounge in San Francisco’s South of Market district. See how this oval-shaped fireplace becomes the center of the interior of a restaurant. Guests will have the chance to gather around and share the warmth from its fires.

In this outdoor restaurant in Spain, diners don’t just share a meal outdoors. They gather around the fireplace and engage in friendly chats as they cozy up by the fire. Without the fireplace, this place will truly be a dead space.

The Royalton Hotel - New York, NY


Here’s another great type of a double sided fireplace design for restaurants and bars. At the Cosmopolitan Bar in Royalton, NY, you will enjoy a great dinner with a stylish and calming atmosphere.

Whether you're going with a modern or contemporary design, a fireplace makes a stylish touch to the interior of a restaurant. Along with a great fireplace, Earls Restaurant creates a feature wall layering of various types of metamorphic rock.

Take a look at this top-notch date spot, the ENO wine bar in Chicago. It features a cozy aquarium fireplace that goes well with the bar. It’s a much better way to enjoy your wine, cheese, and chocolate. People from the Windy City also need a cozy local spot with a warm fireplace. 

A fireplace can transform and complete your restaurant or bar. If you want to see more for your restaurant background design, feel free to check out our line of modern fireplaces.

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