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Fireplace Living Room Décor Ideas

Fireplace Living Room Décor Ideas

Take a look at these fireplace living room décor ideas with tons of ambiance.

This fireplace living room décor by Kelley Nan shows that “less is more” and natural elements are everything. Apart from the fireplace, this two-story living room features Nottaway hickory hardwood floors, big windows, and blue and white pillows.

This shows how to decorate a living room with a fireplace in the middle and a gray motif. A lot of designers are worried about gray, but Homemagez says don’t be. This loft living space makes it great whenever family or friends visit. Along with the fireplace, it features turquoise and charcoal gray furniture that complements the 2 paintings on top.

This living room with fireplace layout by Coco Kelley is minimal, modern, and very inviting. It uses warm, neutral textures throughout the room: wool, natural wood, linen and even rattan. The shelves are also a great addition to this space. They look perfectly weighted and planned.

Living rooms are the best places to gather, entertain, relax, and just enjoy life. Imagine creating memories with the mix of elements in this space. Along with the fireplace, it has a warm gray sectional, blush accents and faux fur. The mix of elements creates a perfectly blended space and a unique perspective.

This fireplace living room décor shows some tips to make a room feel bigger. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are a great example of vertical storage, and give you that extra space without taking much floor space. The effect also draws eyes upward and makes the ceilings look higher. This design makes good use of a fireplace and TV nooks that complement the uncluttered space.

The living room with fireplace layout is the soul of this home. Its elegant and formal look is an inviting place to spend time with family and friends, or just curl up alone with a good book. It also features a great living room seating placement and gives plenty of seating options for a great gathering.

Home Bunch describes this as a little slice of heaven. It features a transitional style with a gray and turquoise color palette. See how the elements blend together: gray velvet sectional sofa, patterned chairs flanking the stone clad fireplace, and a metallic globe light fixture. The blue upholstered storage ottoman is also great as a coffee table.

Futurist Architecture has a wonderful idea of an open-air space where it’s truly awesome to relax with family and friends. Along with the fireplace, this custom deck allows you to gaze at your outdoor living space. With this design, you can choose any type of rails, colors and texture.

The best part of a fireplace living room décor is that it becomes a focal point for family members to gather around and just enjoy each other’s company. In the middle of a beautiful living room is a fireplace that brings the warmth and glow into your home.

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Fireplace Living Room Decor Ideas

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