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Gas Fire Pits - Elegant Low-Maintenance Outdoor Heating

Gas Fire Pits - Elegant Low-Maintenance Outdoor Heating

Gas fire pits are a great way to add a focal point to outdoor living spaces

In this article we are focusing on the models by manufacturer CC Products. These fire pits are not just beautiful and high class, but functional and fitting. Its team of designers and manufacturers are based in Center Aurora, Utah, and use world-class production standards in making superior outdoor heating products.

Each gas fire pit is fueled by either natural gas or propane, and is made of heavy-duty steel with a powder coat finish. The maximum heat output is 90,000 BTUs, which guarantees the right amount of heat that will last throughout the night in the outdoors.

You can also choose between fire glass or lava rock as burning display for CC Products gas fire pits. Fire glass is tempered glass that retains and directs the heat. It’s safe to use, doesn’t burn and refracts the light produced by combusted gas. On the other hand, lava rock is cooled and hardened igneous volcanic material. Despite the difference in composition, it can equally withstand the heat produced by the fire pit.

One unique feature of CC products fire pits is that the gas tank is conveniently hidden at their bases. Each gas fire pit also comes with a locking media cover as an added safety feature.

CC Products gas fire pits also come in round and square table designs. One notable round model is the Penny Bowl Fire Pit. The shape and the golden brown tone complement the fire in the middle of the table. On the other hand, the square Homesteader Fire Pit has a shape that can easily be fitted into any outdoor fire pit area. The design was also taken from contemporary Western themes.

Unlike other gas fire pits, CC Products come with heavy duty barrel hinges that meet American standards for outdoor heating. The burners are also UL listed that meets fire safety standards.

You can see our collection of CC Products fire pits for more info.

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