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Here's A Tip When The Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

Here's A Tip When The Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

Ever wondered what to do when the gas fireplace pilot light won’t stay lit?

This has been a common concern for people who own gas fireplaces. One of our customers had a standard gas log set on his fireplace. The flames normally appear for a few minutes. But then, the pilot cuts out, hence cutting off the flow of gas to the logs. He tried replacing the thermocouple as he was having the issue with the original one. However, it seems to have the same issue.

Sometimes it lights and stays lit for an extended amount of time. But most of the time, it goes out after a few minutes. So he wonders, is there a cheap, safe fix when a gas fireplace pilot light goes out?

Do This When The Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Standard gas log sets are fairly simple. If the gas fireplace shuts off after a few minutes, it's pretty much always going to be a pilot head issue, or a valve issue. Take note that it’s the pilot head, not the thermocouple. The whole assembly is usually replaced, and they usually come at the same price. New models usually come with improved designs.

It is recommended to replace the whole pilot head instead of just the thermocouple. If you're still having issues that the gas fireplace will not stay lit, then the valve needs to be replaced. There are just no other moving parts that can go wrong on this.

One thing you can try gas fireplace shuts off after a few minutes: there's a small screw on your valve that regulates the size of your pilot flame. You can turn that screw to make it bigger. This can be done in case the pilot flame is too small to do its job. Be careful though, sometimes the screw has a spring behind it and will shoot out and you'll have a difficult time finding it. If you mess with the screw, slowly relieve pressure and make sure it's still threaded into the valve.

How To Properly Replace The Valve

Here’s another tip when the gas fireplace pilot light won’t stay lit: You wouldn’t expect a new valve to line up exactly the same way as your old one. So you may need to do some plumbing in order to get it right. Make sure you still have an orifice on your burner before you throw anything away or hook it back up.

When the gas fireplace pilot light goes out, make sure that your pilot head is screwed or clipped to the burner pan. If it's too close to the burner, you'll burn it out. On the other hand, placing it too far will cause a large "poof" of a flame whenever you want to turn it on.

For common valves, you should unscrew the cap screw completely. Usually, there will be a smaller screw inside. Also remember that common valves don't take heat very well and won't last. The gas fireplace will not stay lit. Instead, choose brass valves. That valve should be a suitable replacement.

Good luck with the repair. Apart from gas fireplaces, have a look at our gallery of electric and bioethanol fireplaces. You may also want to check out our gas fire pits.  

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