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Hotels with Fireplaces - What Guests Are Looking For

Hotels with Fireplaces - What Guests Are Looking For

Dear Hospitality Managers - Your Guests Want a Fireplace

Nothing will change an outlook on a cold season faster than a dose of heartwarming fireside romance. Some hotels treat guests to a fireplace in the privacy of their rooms, while others use a roaring fire to make a bold design statement at the center of the lobby, restaurant or spa. 

Truth is, whether its in individual rooms, in the lobby, or outside, people love the warmth and ambiance created by a fireplace. Here are seven design ideas showcasing hotels with fireplaces:

The Amangiri is a remote hideaway in Canyon Point, Utah that has a great idea for a balcony. The hotel room with fireplace frames the surrounding dunes, plateaus and ridges, and combines it with a crackling fire pit. You can easily notice the area’s raw aesthetic as you warm by the fire.

The Sebastian Hotel in Vail, CO has these amazing outdoor fireplaces for their guests. It was designed by Sandy Burden at Timbers Resorts and it works beautifully. Guests can gather around and enjoy the outdoor fireplace experience as a group.

Next in our list of hotels with fireplace in room is One Madison in New York. It sits at the center of New York’s most dynamic area. As you cozy up to the warm fireplace, you can look over the lush green oasis of Madison Square Park.

The Royalton Hotel in New York is truly one of those hotels with fireplaces that set the trend in interior design. The fireplace mixes the room’s reverence for history with an upscale, modern look.

Here’s a great idea for a small hotel in the mountains. The Chalet Zannier in the French Alps is a wonderful location at Megeve and the fireplace in the room makes an enchanting hideaway amidst the cold weather. The hotel combines the beautiful fireplace with the alpine scenery.

Here’s another stylish modern chalet that makes use of a fireplace in a gorgeous way. The lobbies feel like holiday houses where families and friends can enjoy quality time together. The fireplace looks good with the low-pitched roof with wide eaves. A warm spot in the midst of a thick snow forest!

The Rosellen Suites in Vancouver, British Columbia is a great example of low-cost but elegant hotels with fireplaces. If your guests are on a ski trip, put a fireplace in their room. It will surely warm up their spirits.

Your hotel will benefit a lot from fireplaces. It’s one of the features that your guests will remember, and whether it’s a gas, wood-burning or electric fireplace, the experience will be unique and meaningful. For more fireplace designs for your hotel, feel free to see our gallery.

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