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How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

How do electric fireplaces work?

It’s true that electric fireplaces are becoming more popular - you may have seen them at fancy hotels or bars. But they are steadily making their way into more and more homes. 

The flames they produce are both appealing and relaxing. Best of all, you can even use them to create ambiance even when it's hot because the heat is optional.

But how do electric fireplaces work? How do they produce heat? How do they create flames? Read on...

How Electric Fireplaces Produce Heat

The heating system of an electric fireplace is not a new technology. Electric fireplaces basically run on the same method as with other types of electric heating. The big difference is that it doesn’t need to combust gas or wood.

How do electric fireplaces work? Well, a heating element provides heat by running electricity. Warmth is generated by the element and is transferred directly to your room. There’s also a safety feature with this. The heating element is not exposed. This way, it can generate heat safely even when kids and pets are nearby. You won’t need a fire guard or clearance space like wood or gas burning fireplaces.

How Electric Fireplaces Create Flames

The radiant flames are also generated by LED light technology. Of course, there are some variations with different brands. When it comes to creating flames, most electric fireplaces use a rotating reflective surface. Electric fireplaces also use a source of light and a projection surface to simulate fire movement. The heating element is usually a separately controlled part. Essentially, it is similar to a small residential space heater.

How To Use An Electric Fireplace

Another question that most people ask is how to use an electric fireplace. The technology and features of available models have made them user-friendly and safe to use. All you need to do is to plug the cord into a standard 120-Volt outlet and turn it on.

An Electric Fireplace is More than Good Looks - it Can Keep You Warm!

Most electric fireplaces produce heat. It can take the chill out of an area of up to 450 square feet. Most models have automatic heaters that turn themselves off once the room hits the desired temperature.

Take the Modern Flames 60" Custom Built-In Home Fire for example. It has a BTU unit of over 5,000, and it can certainly heat up most rooms. And it operates in dual mode. That means you can use it with or without heat.

How Much Energy Does An Electric Fireplace Use?

Aside from how do electric fireplaces work, many people ask, “What about energy cost?” The actual cost varies with the different models. But typically it costs about 3 cents per hour to run it without heat. With the heater on, it costs around 16 cents per hour to run. And there’s a big difference if you compare it with gas fireplaces. It’s about $50 to $80 per year for an electric fireplace. On a gas fireplace, it’s typically around $200 to $400 to run.

How much energy does an electric fireplace use? It depends on how often and how long you run it, but if you're using to heat a specific room an reduce the use of central heating you may end up saving money in the long run.

Electric fireplaces work with the same heating technology as home heaters. The beautiful flames are produced with LED lights and projection surfaces. The best thing about electric fireplace technology is that they’re safe, easy to install and come in so many different design options.

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