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Linear Electric Fireplaces - What They Are & How to Choose One

Linear Electric Fireplaces - What They Are & How to Choose One

What is a Linear Electric Fireplace?

Well, for a long time when someone said "linear fireplace," they were referring to gas fireplaces. 

Not anymore. Now linear electric fireplaces are on the scene. 

You might think that "linear" is some sort of technical distinction, but it's not -- a linear electric fireplace is simply a fireplace that has a much more horizontal look than a more traditional rectangular fireplace shape. There's something about the long, skinny aspect ratio that both widens a fireplace's "footprint" and makes it look exceptionally modern. 

How are They Different from Linear Gas Fireplaces? 

It used to be the case that only really fancy places has linear gas fireplaces, and with good reason. Gas fireplaces have to be professionally plumbed with a gas line, and built into a space that has adequate venting. By contrast, linear electric fireplaces: 

  1. Run on electricity
  2. Do not require venting

While they still need to be professionally installed if you want them recessed into a wall, the easy availability of connecting to an electrical circuit and not having to worry about venting makes them much more accessible.

Can't wait to browse? See examples of linear electric fireplaces here.

A Hit With Commercial Spaces

In a time when commercial interests are paying attention to the customer experience, linear electric fireplaces have become a big hit with: 

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Spas
  • Upscale boutiques

Can You Enjoy a Linear Electric Fireplace at Home?

Sure you can! First we recommend that you decide on whether you want to have a built-in fireplace that is recessed into the wall or one that mounts directly on the wall.

If you're more the DIY-type and looking for something that can be installed quickly and with one or two people, you definitely want to explore wall-mount linear electric fireplaces. Make sure to read all the specifications so you know that you have a good space for this type of fireplace. 

See our collection of wall-mount linear electric fireplaces.

Separately, you may want a more "clean" look with a fireplace that is recessed into the wall for more of a flush-mount type of look. Keep in mind that some recessed linear electric fireplaces are installed to be perfectly flush with the wall, whereas others have a small overlap of their surrounding fascia. If you choose this type of installation, make sure to hire a qualified professional and read all the measurements and specs to make sure you find what you need. 

See our collection of built-in/recessed linear electric fireplaces. 

Don't be afraid to use the product filters to sort by size, color, and indoor/outdoor to find exactly what you need. And look through all the photos since different models have different flame and media options. 

Did you know?

Some electric fireplaces are so thoughtfully designed they can be EITHER wall-mounted or recessed for a flush-mount look -- your choice! It's all in the product details so make sure to do your research before you choose a finalist. Here's an example of a fireplace that you can wall-mount OR recess into a wall -- the Amantii 72" Wall-Mount Flush-Mount Electric Fireplace in Black:

Amantii 72" Wall-Mount Flush-Mount Electric Fireplace in Black

We hope this article helped you better understand what a linear electric fireplace is, and whether it would be a good match for your home or business. 

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