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Things To Know Before You Buy An Electric Fireplace

Things To Know Before You Buy An Electric Fireplace

Someone recently asked about things to know before you buy an electric fireplace

This is very important to consider, now that more people are switching to electric fireplaces. There are also many homes that don’t have a fireplace built in. Most of them are also not capable of installing one. There’s simply no way to put a chimney in an apartment, a boat or office. But now, people can have warm, flickering flames with electric fireplaces. These may not work the same as wood or gas burning fireplaces, but they can heat any room.

Looking to switch to electric? Here are the things to know before you buy an electric fireplace:

1. Know the Heating Capacity of the Electric Fireplace

This is the first thing that you need to know. What size heater do you need? An average size heater like in this Touchstone electric fireplace will run at 120 volts. This is the standard for most units. The average heater also runs with 1500 watts and 12.5 amps. To know the heating capacity, simply divide the watts by 10. So with 1500 watts, that electric fireplace should heat a room of 150 square feet. If you want a unit that generates more heat, some electric fireplaces can heat up to 450 square feet.  

2. Is it Easy to Install?

Ease of installation is one of the things to know before you buy an electric fireplace. Some electric fireplace inserts may be easier to install than others, but generally, all of them installs easily. There’s very little to worry with electric fireplaces. Just move them into position and plug into your standard 120-volt wall outlet. Another pro is that you can easily move your electric fireplace to any room. You can’t do that with a wood-burning fireplace.

This is the biggest benefit of electric fireplaces. You can install it in any home, whether there is access to install a real fireplace or not. It’s also a breeze moving your electric fireplace in case you move from one home to another. Consider it as a “movable” investment.

3. Safety Concerns

If you have kids and pets, it is definitely worth considering an electric fireplace. There is always a safety issue with traditional fireplaces. Most electric fireplace inserts are built with safe-to-touch tempered glass. Since nothing’s burning, the glass will not heat up.  

Wood burning fireplaces also let out harmful gas and dust. Your family might be at risk for respiratory diseases, thus an electric fireplace would be a practical alternative. Most electric fireplaces are ventless and do not emit smoke or ash.

4. Prioritize Features

One of the things to know before you buy an electric fireplace is how it can fit in your interior. Electric fireplace models come in different sizes and varieties, so you want to pick the one that fits your needs. You also need to look at specific features of the unit. How realistic are the flames? Does it also produce crackling noises? What are the heat settings and how do you tweak them?

It’s true that wood heat feels different. But electric fireplaces generate a different warmth and feel that you can enjoy. Plus, they look absolutely beautiful! Before you buy an electric fireplace, make sure that its features meet your needs. Consider its heating capacity, ease of installation and features.

Here’s a collection of electric fireplaces to help you know more about them.  

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