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Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace - You Might Be Surprised!

Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace - You Might Be Surprised!

Certainly some of these have already occurred to you, but...

...There may be a few that surprise you. Electric fireplaces have been gaining popularity these last few years, and that's not by coincidence. Homeowners, business owners and tradespeople alike have been smitten with the advantages they provide over traditional fireplaces. 

 Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace

1. Ease of Use

Many electric fireplaces are pretty much plug-and-play. Especially with wall-mount electric fireplaces, you can pretty much follow the instructions to securely hang it on the wall, then turn it on and enjoy it right away! You won't need to run any gas lines, or ensure proper venting, just make sure an electrical outlet is nearby and you're all set. 

2. Energy Efficiency

Using an electric fireplace can save on your monthly heating bill, since it costs only about 20 cents per hour to run, even when it is set on the highest heat and flame settings! If you compare against the cost of installation, materials and maintenance of a gas or wood fireplace, you might be surprised to see that using an electric fireplace is a bargain.

3. Cleaner Air

One of the major benefits of electric fireplaces is that it doesn’t emit harmful smoke. No fumes or weird emissions of gas or combustion flames. This makes electric fireplaces a favorite for those with asthma or allergies.

4. Safety

Electric fireplaces are cool to touch and spark-free. What does this mean? Well, unlike your conventional fireplaces, you won’t ever have to worry about your kids and pets coming close to the "flames." And you'll never have to worry about a stray spark endangering your home. 

5. Low Maintenance

Cleaning a conventional firepace? What a drag! Lots of sweeping ash and scrubbing soot, then calling chimney sweeps to boot. An electric fireplace will only need an occasional light dusting and glass cleaning just like any other piece of furniture in your house. 

6. Home Insurance Savings

Wood burning or gas burning fireplaces come along with additional home insurance premiums because of the risk involved, and you can save a lot on this cost if you use electric fireplaces instead. With the safety features of an electric fireplace, the risk of chimney fires or gas leaks is eliminated. So if you're considering an electric fireplace insert to convert your traditional hearth, make sure to call the insurance company afterward to see if you can reduce your premium!

7. Remote Control Convenience

You can have a gentle flame to a roaring fire with a touch of a button! Touchstone electric fireplaces, for example, are operated with a remote control, and you can readily adjust the flames, turn on and off and set the timer with it. There’s no more need to add more logs or wait for the wood to burn out.

8. Year-Round Use

You can use your electric fireplace at any time of the year! Gas and wood fireplaces are to be enjoyed in cooler climates only. But electric fireplaces have a no-heat setting, so even in a warm season, you can still turn it on and enjoy the beauty of the flames without the heat! 

9. Realistic Flames

One of the best benefits of electric fireplaces is that the flames look surprisingly natural. Touchstone electric fireplaces, for example, operate with advanced LED lights that mimic real flames produced by wood. Even if you prefer wood or gas fireplaces, you’ll still find the flames of an electric fireplace truly exciting and beautiful!

10. Multicolor Flames

Did you know that you now have the option to make an electric fire is many different shades? If you want to go the traditional route you can choose from the conventional yellow, orange and red palette. But there are so many more options. Some electric fireplaces feature multicolor flames in green, blue, and purple for a really dramatic effect and mesmerizing visuals.

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Fireplace

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