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Seven Trending Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Seven Trending Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Take a Look at These Seven Trending Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

1. Fireplace With TV Above It

Bykoket is inspired by bedroom fireplace ideas like the one above from apartments in Paris. This clean and minimalist look with river stone media creates a look of luxury and makes a perfect foundation for the television above it. Together, the fireplace and TV become the focal point of the room. 


2. Long Wall Focal Point

This direct vent gas fireplace adds a modern flair to this bedroom. The flame patterns of a linear fireplace inspire a bright, radiant glow. And the exterior of the fireplace brings a unique ambiance. This fireplace has an LED ember bed and comes with River Rock media kits.  


3. Reading Nook Accent

Decoist’s modern design with a fireplace works perfectly for this bedroom. With a small seating area near the window, there is a more formal relaxation area in front of the bed, and the fireplace is flanked on one side with a conveniently located bookshelf, while faced with a pair of chairs and ottomans. 


4. Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Mantel

Master Bedroom Ideas features this monochrome interior with a lovely fireplace. What's unique about this design is that the fireplace mantel element is used not only as a fireplace surround, but completes the media center by also surrounding the television. As a finishing touch, the large windows also invite a lot of sunlight, making the room bright and beautiful.


5. Conversation Cluster Centerpiece

For a shared master bedroom, having a small conversation cluster in front of the fireplace invites relaxing conversation into the room. In this design by Zillow you can see just how you can have a tasteful mini living area right in the bedroom. With a fireplace as the element that ties it together, of course.  


6. Old-Fashioned Masonry Hearth

This fireplace in bedroom idea by One Kindesign combines minimalist and rustic styles to create a cozy retreat to keep you warm inside and out. A full masonry hearth is a call to traditional design, and you can use any number of substrates - from small river stones to large boulder facades - to create this look.


7. Traditional Exposed Brick

The designers at Franki Durbin love to make use of fireplaces with exposed beam ceilings. The pale whitewashed look, along with a mix of styles and finishes truly make this bedroom all gorgeous in its own right. This design is perfect in making your room sunny, bright and elegant while adding a rustic flavor by using exposed brick in the firebox. (These panels are also available with select electric fireplaces, by the way).

Great bedroom fireplace ideas evoke pleasant and dreamy memories, and it truly revs up the aesthetics of your home. Feel free to check our collection and explore your fireplace in bedroom design options.

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