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Benefits of Using Electric Fireplaces


There are many great benefits of electric fireplaces

You might be wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, there are plenty of features of electric fireplaces that are worth looking at, and you’ll be surprised with how they outweigh your doubts.

Here are the major benefits of electric fireplaces that set them apart from traditional ones:

These fireplaces are easy to use

Electric fireplaces are pretty much plug-and-play. Once unpacked, you can install and enjoy your wall mounted electric fireplace in minutes. By simply plugging it into any standard electrical outlet, you can do away with gas lines or using vents.

Electric fireplace uses less energy

Using an electric fireplace can save a lot, since it costs only about 20 cents per hour to run, even when it is set on the highest heat and flame settings! Go through the costs of using your gas fireplace or firewood, and you’ll see that using an electric fireplace is a bargain.

You will have clean air

One of the major benefits of electric fireplaces is that it doesn’t emit harmful smoke. It’s practically clean air, without the gas fumes and the carcinogens associated with it. This has a major impact on your health, and it is highly recommended for those with asthma or allergies.

Electric fireplace is safe to use

Electric fireplaces are cool to touch and spark-free. Unlike your conventional fireplaces, you won’t have to worry about your kids and pets from fire-related accidents.

These fireplaces are low-maintenance

You can definitely save a lot of money with electric fireplaces. There’s no more need to call maintenance to clean chimneys, scrape ash or have anybody deliver some chopped wood to make a warm fire!

Electric fireplaces have a remote control

You can have a gentle flame to a roaring fire with a touch of a button! Touchstone electric fireplaces, for example, are operated with a remote control, and you can readily adjust the flames, turn on and off and set the timer with it. There’s no more need to add more logs or wait for the wood to burn out.

Electric fireplaces save a lot on home insurance

Wood burning or gas burning fireplaces come along with additional home insurance premiums, and you can save a lot on this cost if you use electric fireplaces instead. With the safety features of an electric fireplace, the risk of chimney fires or gas leaks is eliminated.

You can use these fireplaces at any time of the year

You can use your electric fireplace at any time of the year! Electric fireplaces have a no-heat setting, so even in a warm season, you can still turn it on and enjoy the beauty of the flames without the heat! Check out Touchstone’s electric fireplaces to know more about this feature.

The flames of electric fireplace look natural!

One of the best benefits of electric fireplaces is that the flames look surprisingly natural. Touchstone electric fireplaces, for example, operate with advanced LED lights that mimic real flames produced by wood. Even if you prefer wood or gas fireplaces, you’ll still find the flames of an electric fireplace truly exciting and beautiful!

Apart from convenience and cost-efficiency, electric fireplaces are simply fun to use and can give a beautiful accent to any room.

If you are looking for a fireplace for your home or office, have a look at our selection of best electric fireplaces for all your needs.

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