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Bio-Blaze - Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

The Noble Flame Bio-Blaze Dealer

The Noble Flame is an authorized dealer of Bio-Blaze Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Compared to traditional fireplaces, bio-ethanol fireplaces are the clean, green alternative for your home or business.

Bio-Blaze offers a wide array of beautifully designed, energy-efficient and environment-friendly bio-ethanol fireplaces. Their team is committed to providing innovative, safe and sustainable products. 

How does bio-ethanol work?

Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy from the fermentation of sugars - a natural process involving enzyme digestion of microorganisms that release sugars from stored starches. These sugars are derived from plants like corn, wheat and sugar cane.

Unlike energy derived from fossil fuels, bio-ethanol is clean and made of biological products. As a result, this type of energy combustion produces clean air. You’ll enjoy the same heat without the toxic fumes!

Bio-Blaze fireplaces are flue-less!

That means they can easily be installed in any part of your home! There are no harmful emissions plus it is energy efficient, as the heat generated stays in the room instead of going up the flue.

Take a look at our selection of bio-ethanol fireplaces and you will almost certainly see something you like.