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Fire Pit Art

The Noble Flame Fire Pit Art DealerThe Noble Flame is an authorized dealer of Fire Pit Art Products

If there’s one thing to describe Fire Pit Art fire pits, it’s a marvelous gathering place for family and friends.

Spearheaded by Rick Wittrig, Fire Pit Art makes one of the finest fire pits in the market. Each unit is carefully and expertly made by Tennessee craftsmen using 100% American heavy gauge steel. These fire pits truly are functional works of art. The sturdy construction assures you of warm and beautiful memories for many years to come.

Fire Pit Art fire pits have a signature iron oxide patina on the outside. This finish darkens a little with time and becomes permanent with use. The inside is coated with a high temperature resistant paint. And you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. Each fire pit comes with a rain drain in its bottom.

Fire Pit Art features a wide array of unique and beautiful designs for their fire pits. Its Manta Ray fire pit reflects the giant manta gliding through the ocean on gentle wing strokes. Another beautiful fire pit is the Third Rock, which features a replica of the globe. When afire, the Third Rock highlights the Earth’s fiery inner core.

Fire Pit Art fire pits come in wood burning and gas burning units. Each gas fire pit can be used with either natural gas or liquid propane. And you can choose whether the ignition is match lit or electronic. The smallest fire pits have a heat capacity of 120,000 BTU’s, and you’ll certainly enjoy the warm and entertaining flames for long periods. These fire pits will add excitement to your outdoor gatherings.

Each Fire Pit Art fire pit has a brass plate with its unique number. No two pieces carry the same number, and you can be assured that your Fire Pit Art fire pit is one of a kind.

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