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Modern Flames

The Noble Flame is an authorized dealer of Modern Flames 

Looking for a beautiful and affordable electric fireplace that adds luxury to your home? Modern Flames has a wide range of premium electric wall fireplaces that you will surely love. The company is an innovative leader in modern, contemporary electric fireplaces that has superior design and technology.

Modern Flames fireplaces at The Noble FlameIts best-selling products have been used by millions of residential and commercial settings. Modern Flames is a pioneer in contemporary linear electric fireplaces in North America since 2008. The Modern Flames brand is popular among architects, designers, builders and homeowners.

Modern Flames features a wide array of electric fireplaces that generate extremely realistic flames. This is paired with the ease of installation. The overall cost of operating these fireplaces is comparable to a gas or wood fireplace.

Modern Flames is featured in popular trade shows across North America and is used by famous restaurants and world-class hotels.

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