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Partner with The Noble Flame

Four Reasons to Partner with The Noble Flame

Are you a manufacturer of stylish, high-quality heating products? Are you looking to widen your brand presence and increase your sales without incurring additional expenses? If so, we are the partner you've been looking for! is the public face of a more extensive marketing enterprise. We combing decades of commercial advertising and sales experience with data driven technologies to promote brands across multiple social and advertising platforms.

Here are some advantages of partnering with our company, at NO cost to you.

1) We put our customers first

At The Noble Flame, we know that the best way to represent your brand is to put the customer first, with a strong commitment to customer service. Here's how we honor the trust customers place in us as an online retailer:

  • We treat our customers exactly as we would like to be treated. We intimately understand the online buying experience, and continually work to improve it.
  • We provide prompt responses to all inquiries, hands-on order management when needed, and friendly, compassionate communication at all times. 
  • We are data driven, so all of our content and marketing decisions are informed by analytics. We know exactly what kind of products and information customers are searching for, and optimize our site to serve tailored results to every individual.

The Noble Flame Digital Marketing

2) We are technology you don't have to be

You are experts at design and manufacturing. We are experts at data collection/analysis, online marketing platforms, and technology. By joining together, we combine our strengths while continuing to focus on what we each do best. Together we grow faster than either of us can alone.

3) Our professional marketing services are FREE

Contracting the services of a traditional advertising agency requires large upfront and ongoing capital investment. By contrast, our services are based on splitting profit derived from business that we create for you. We incur all costs associated with promoting your products. Included in our FREE services are:

  • We provide continuous social media promotion featuring original headlines and eye-catching images.
  • We conduct ongoing paid advertising campaigns across multiple online platforms.  
  • We create product and brand spotlight articles optimized for organic search and promoted on social media.
  • We publish regular email broadcasts to keep our subscribers informed and engaged with our brands.

The Noble Flame Brand Ambassadors

4) Where others dabble, we DAZZLE!

While most e-tailers rely heavily on meaningless hyperbole or the manufacturer's own product descriptions to sell products, we leverage decades of commercial advertising and sales experience to highlight relevant product attributes that let your products sell themselves. Let us craft compelling written and visual marketing assets for you, and display these on a website that is constantly optimized for an environment of ever-changing standards and requirements.

We will promote your brand with:

  • Robust, information-rich product pages containing custom sales copy, videos, and downloadable materials to promote your products. 
  • Useful articles and buying guides with product round-ups, video spotlights, comparisons and ideas to create buzz about your products.
  • Product and brand highlights broadcasted to our extensive list of email subscribers.

If you would like to expand your business by becoming one of our partners, please Contact Us and we will be happy to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!