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Planika Products

The Noble Flame Exclusive Planika Dealer

The Noble Flame is the Exclusive Online Dealer of Planika Products

Planika Fires is all about “intelligent fire”, and a global leader in top-quality ethanol fireplaces. The company combines beautiful, unique designs with the advanced features for its line of bioethanol fireplaces.

Planika products achieve the cleanest combustion process through its patented BEV technology. There is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame. You don’t need a chimney or any hard connections with your Planika fireplace. They’re truly unique in bringing real, natural flames with no smell, smoke or ash.

Picture yourself sitting in your garden with your loved ones while basking in the warmth of Planika fireplaces. Its unique shape, quality design and hi-tech features will surely enrich your outdoor experience.

Planika is the only bioethanol fireplace maker that works with world-famous designers like Arik Levy, Christophe Pillet and Serge Atallah. You can see that their fireplaces have that intricate, artistic touch.

Planika also has a line of innovative gas fireplaces. They have an entirely new range of gas fireplaces that redefine the beauty of flames. These are linear in form and made of weather resistant materials that meet the demands of modern fireplace design. They are great additions to any home or commercial setting, indoors or outdoors!

Planika fireplaces are easy and safe to use! Their automatic fireplaces come with advanced microprocessors and sensors, which guarantee the correct operation of the device. The fireplaces run on Fanola, the company’s exclusive, clean bio ethanol fuel. It burns clean, and its by-products are only heat, water vapor and CO2 in very small amounts. 

In addition, Planika products are TUV, UL, ULC and CE certified.

Feel free to browse our collection of premium Planika Smart ethanol fireplace inserts and outdoor Commerce fireplaces.

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